Tips To Give Your Wedding That Unique Touch

If you want to make your wedding stand out from the rest of the weddings you’ve been to, then it is important to provide extra attention to the tiny details. You should attempt to add an element of uniqueness to your current wedding plan. It could either be an added food station or some fun quirky décor or something to add to the wedding itinerary. Here are a few ideas to choose from.

Go crazy with the beverages

A welcome drink would be highly appreciated by the guests as they would usually expect any food or drink to be served only after the ceremony. Therefore something like a fruit punch or ice tea would make for a refreshing welcome drink. In addition, you could also have a custom bar at your wedding, wherein the guests can customize the champagne for their toast, according to their preference. Moreover you could also have add-ons such as flavoured ice cubes, popping fruit Boba or fruit purees to add an element of fun to the toast.

Have a themed accessory

Having a basket at the entrance filled with an accessory to match your theme would make the wedding quite unique. If you’ve opted for a floral décor then you could provide floral tiaras for the ladies and a pocket corsage for the gents. Hire a flower delivery service to get the items delivered to the venue to make it easier for you. Other accessory ideas include tiaras, sunglasses and sashes to mention a few.

Explore with the guestbook

Instead of selecting the mainstream guestbook, think out of the box and have a unique guest book at your wedding. You could use your creativity and get the guests to sign on the something which they own and drop it into a box. You could also have a book and a Polaroid camera wherein they could take a picture of themselves with or without the couple and sign behind each picture and paste it on the scrapbook. There is no limit to creativity and this is one area where it could come handy.

A grand entrance

As they say, the first impression is always the last impression, this implies to the entrance of your venue as well. There are several ideas you could choose from including a rustic themed wooden entrance with carvings of the couple or grand flower arrangements to leave the crowd mesmerized. You could also have the couple’s initials decorated in flowers to make it even more attractive.

There are a number ways in which you could make your wedding different from the other weddings you have been to. All it takes is a touch of creativity and some amazing vendors who could bring your ideas to life in order to help you get the wedding you always dreamed of.