Amazing Health Benefits Of Carob

It has been tracked that long years ago, people of Greece used carob and for them it was like an herb. Carob is something which can easily replace chocolate. It is basically a fruit which tastes sweet and therefore is a healthy one.

Usually, a carob looks like a dark brown pea pod. The fruit is covered with a pulp and full of seeds. People of recent era now use it whenever they think to replace chocolate in making sweets or healthy chocolate snacks or sweet dishes. Besides, when it is used in making a food, the flavour of coco comes out automatically. Apart from all these you can’t deny the amazing health benefits of carob. Here are some.

It is full of anti-oxidants:

We all want to look young and for this reason most of us use anti-aging cream. But do you know these anti-aging creams mostly contain anti-oxidants which repair the cells of our skin? Polyphenol is also a good anti-oxidant which can save our skin from environmental toxins. A statistic shows that the anti-oxidant power resides in the polyphenol of carob is far more powerful that the polyphenol of beans. So, start carrying healthy chocolate bars made of carobs to gain the benefits of its anti-oxidant property.

It helps to control the cholesterol level in blood:

Polyphenol is one of the important properties of carob and because of its presence eating carob is beneficial for health. Polyphenol helps to lower down the cholesterol level of blood. A study proves that consuming 4-5 grams polyphenol by giving interval two days regularly can minimise the level of serum lipids and lipoprotein which leaves very bad effect on health. On the other hand, it can balance the level of triglyceride.

A bowl of calcium:

Mineral is one of the most important six elements of food. Because of the lack of minerals, you may face several diseases, like anomie. You will be happy to know that a carob is like a bowl of calcium. If you take 1 cup juice of carob it is like having 358 mg of calcium. This can help you to prevent disorder in bones and nervous system and keeps your heart healthy.

Selenium also resides in it:

Apart from all these important properties, selenium is one of them. It is as important as polyphenol and calcium to keep one healthy. 1 cup of carob juice can serve you 5.5 micrograms of selenium. It controls the growth of thyroid gland as well as the production of DNA and protects us from infections.