9 Natural Remedies To Deter Ants

Small ants could be dangerous in your house as they tend to create colonies under your floor and can cause much damage. However ants being soft insects do not always require professionals to eradicate them, see this quality bed bug control. Certain precautionary measures and home remedies can effectively lower down the visit of ant in your house. Here are 8 natural remedies suggested to deter ants. God luck!

1. Lemon juice – Spray pure lemon juice around your home. Ants are not fond of this natural acid and will leave your home soon. Even the eggs they have laid are destroyed with fresh lemon juice.
2. Cinnamon and cloves- Ground cinnamon could be used to deter ants. Spread cinnamon essential oils around the doors, windows, floors, of your house and stop ants to come in. The smell of cinnamon and cloves are hated by ants and they will not turn back to your home again. You can hang these two spices in a small piece of cloth in any corner of your house.
3. Peppermint – Peppermint essential oil also successfully fights the entry of ants in your home. The smell of these oils will help safe ant termination from your home.
4. Borax, water and sugar – You can also put sugar water with borax outside your home to restrict the entry of ants. Even peanut butter could be added to the mixture.
5. Boiling water and dish soap – Seal all your food in the kitchen and spread hot water mixed with your dish soap. The ants hiding in the corners of your kitchen will not find way to escape. You can also use this hot water to sweep your kitchen tiles and floors. Be careful as you are doing it with hot boiling water.
6. Chalk – Draw lines on your kitchen wall, room walls, and floors with chalk and see the effectiveness. Also draw lines in the windows and the doors where the ants come through. These chalks are available in the home improvement shops easily.
7. Baking soda and powdered sugar – A mixture of baking soda and sugar powder should be placed for safe ant termination. A decrease of good number of ants will be noticed from the very first day.
8. Coffee grounds – Coffee ground experiments have been successful with almost everybody who went for it. It does not kill the ants but moves them out of your house for another place.
9. Vinegar – Use vinegar as you sweep your floors. Mix it with the water and mop the floors. Also you can use this water to wipe the windows and the doors. This liquid is effective in eradicating ants from your house. They will never show interest to visit your home again.